3 Steps: How to Overcome a Slanted Wall Fence

How to Overcome a Slanted Wall Fence – You can use a wall fence to complete the residence. This fence has the advantage that the structure is very strong and sturdy. Even when compared to the iron fence, this wall fence is still much stronger. Another advantage of the wall fence is that it has very good resistance to extreme weather, is durable and does not break easily, and is able to provide maximum protection. So no wonder there are many people who use it.

Considering the wall fence has a very heavy weight, then this fence must be supported by a solid foundation. The foundation must be able to withstand the load from the wall fence properly. Because if not, this fence can collapse or collapse. As for the lighter cases, it is not impossible that the wall fence will tilt little by little. The cause of the sloping wall fence is none other than the foundation that is too weak so it cannot sustain the weight of the fence.

How to Overcome a Slanted Wall Fence is enough to improve the foundation. You do not need to dismantle the wall fence of the house because it will cause waste in the cost of repairs. You better just improve the construction of the foundation so that it has a sturdy structure again. So, how to do it? Please you can follow the steps below along with the tips!

How to Overcome a Slanted Wall Fence?

Step I: Realign the Slanted Fence

How to Overcome a Slanted Wall Fence

Your first task is to realign the position of the wall fence that is already tilted. This is only done to prevent the fence from tilting and eventually collapse. How to straighten this wall fence? You can dig the soil around the foundation first up to the bottom of the foundation. After that, straighten the fence back up little by little so as not to damage or break the fence structure.
Make efforts to realign this wall fence carefully. For the process to run smoothly, there must be energy pushing the fence and holding it in the opposite direction. While you are erecting the foundation and the wall fence above it, make an effort to pile up the soil under the foundation to stand firm. After that, make a temporary reinforcement in the form of wood / iron support to hold the fence wall so it does not tilt again.

Step II: Make the Foundation and Sloof Behind the Fence

Sloping wall fences can be caused by various factors. In addition to the structure of the wall which is too weak, this problem can also occur due to the condition of the soil under a unstable foundation. So to overcome this you have to make additional foundation and sloof which is located at the back of the fence. The function of the foundation and tambaha sloof is as a place for new columns or pillars that we will build later.

Step III: Create a Triangle-Shaped Retaining Column

Obligatory to build a new column to hold the wall fence. This column is support the fence so that it can stand stronger and not tilt anymore. It is recommended to make a new column in the form of a triangular pole just above the foundation and sloof that was just made in the previous step. The triangle shape was deliberately chosen because it is able to support the wall fence more strongly. As for the size of the column that is built, it must be adjusted to the dimensions of the wall fence that will be supported.

That’s How to Overcome a Slanted Wall Fence, may be useful.