6 Interior Design Trends We Will See in 2021

We know what 2020 looked like. It’s a year we could easily wish away. Yet, we lived it; albeit in the most unwelcoming ways. Still, it’s the year most homeowners did many things themselves.

Leveraging that creativity, DIY-ers, especially those who share opinions on ReviewsBird.com, are building on trends in interior design to enliven the current year, give their home a huge lift, and enable more ease and comfort.

Unless you stay updated, these trends might come to you a bit late. To prevent such an occurrence, we have made up a list of the most common trends. While some would require buying design products online, others are free and can be improvised.

1.          The Multifunctional:

This trend is about combining spaces and designs for a multifunctional purpose. Influenced by the virus, the concept of home this year has changed. Home now functions as a place of rest, work, exercise, and even vacation. And of course, trends follow where meanings go, where concepts are established. You can get a chair that multitasks as an office, dining, and casual talks. A decorative screen is also suggested for keeping space. More so, your kitchen can be designed to function as a culinary place with extra space to accommodate guests and small talks over roasts.

2.          The Statement:

Making a big statement for works done remotely, a workstation in homes is a big trend. In the past, people would work anywhere they could in their apartments. But today, that has changed. The virus is so decisive that dedications are now shifted to creating a workspace, and not just to create a workstation – homeowners want a certain feeling to it. They want their home offices to reflect a certain mood, ease, and appeal. They are emphasizing this with major design trends.

3.          The Zoom Feeling:

Your backdrop is as significant as the zoom meeting you are in. As a result of this, homeowners are putting more intention into their virtual meetings. They want the meeting to be as formal and professional as it would be when held physically. This tells well about them and their work ethics. Hardly is there an interior design that does not embrace spaces for zoom meetings.

4.          Laid-back Living:

Picture a laid-back living as an intentional arrangement of designs for maximum comfort. As more time is spent at home by homeowners, there is a need to move away from traditional or informal living to a more relaxing one. This is done through color design and space arrangement.

5.          Creating Rooms:

In the past, most homeowners would stick with open-plan living when presented with options. But nowadays, having many rooms tailored to meet demands reigns supreme. People are now getting more flexible and purposive with rooms.

6.          The Outside Inside:

 Another trend explored by homeowners is the merge of trees and planters with interior designs and decor. Most people now use bifold sliders for a seamless integration.


Homeowners are updating their choices this year for more flexibility. This is the result of a cruel year. As more emphasis is laid on ease and comfort, more people are turning their homes to accommodate the different areas of their lives.