Anti-Scratch Laminate – Best for Families with Kids or Pets

When you plan to renovate your old house or design a new house, considering your kids and the furry part of your family is a very vital step. If you do not take them into your account, the interior decor of your place will not last for a long time. 

Young kids love to play, run, and jump around. They drag their toys all around the house. They also often scratch, write, or draw on walls or furniture. Likewise, pets can also bite or scratch walls or furniture. All these things can put your interior decor at risk. 

That’s why if you have pets or kids at home, you need to pay attention to choosing the right material for a beautiful and durable interior setup. 

The best way to safeguard your home interior decor is by using anti-scratch laminates to get the elegant look that you want with high durability. 

What are Anti-Scratch Laminates?

Anti-scratch laminates are the type of decor material that is used for providing smooth and durable surfaces. These laminate surfaces are resistant to scratches, including any form of wear and tear. Plus, this type of laminate is specially designed for surfaces that are more prone to get scratches. 

For instance, if you have kids or pets at home and want to get perfect laminates for kids and pets, then there is nothing better than these anti-scratch laminates for your house.

When you have kids or pets at home, there is a higher risk of getting scratches on your beautiful furniture or elegant walls or surfaces. The long and sharp nails of your pets can easily damage the laminates installed in your house if they are not scratch-proof. Likewise, kids play many games inside the house that can damage the surfaces of your walls and furniture. That’s why strong and durable scratch-resistant laminates have become a necessity. 

In addition to that, anti-scratch laminates are manufactured with different techniques while using special coatings and finishes to protect the surfaces from scratches. 

Besides that, some anti-scratch laminates also come with an additional layer of abrasive particles that strengthen the laminate surface and make it more resistant to scratches. 

Now, let’s discuss why you should prefer anti-scratch laminates over other types of laminates. 

Advantages of Installing Anti-Scratch Laminates:


Anti-scratch laminates are usually able to resist wear and tear over their lifetime while maintaining their stylish and presentable appearance. 

Because of the sharp and long nails of pets, the speed of scratching and wearing out of the surfaces can be high. Similarly, having kids, running around the house and playing with objects that can cause damage to the surfaces, can put the longevity of the material at risk. 

However, installing anti-scratch laminates over decorative or textured laminates is absolutely better for any household with kids and pets. 

Resistant to Moisture, Stains, and Odours: 

As a pet parent, you must know that there is always a risk of creating a mess around the house if you have pets. 

For example, if your pet goes outside and gets inside without cleaning their paws, they can bring mud, water, and other sorts of dirt into your house. Or, they can even spill some liquids that can permanently stain the walls and furniture. Plus, it can lead to bacterial and microbial growth on the surfaces, causing stains and odours. 

That’s why you should choose antibacterial laminates that are also scratch-resistant and durable for long time usage. 

Easy Cleaning:

As long as you are choosing laminates for your home interior decor, you do not have to think about putting in much effort to clean and maintain them. 

Laminates are really easy to clean and maintain. So, they provide peace of mind as you can just wipe the surface with a microfiber cloth and clean the surfaces. 

Wide Variety:

If you plan to install laminates in your house interior decor, you will be surprised to see the variety of options for laminates with anti-scratch properties you get to explore. 

Right from decorated laminates to high and low-pressure laminates, you can check out all the options and have your desired look for your interior setup. 

The Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you have now understood why anti-scratch laminates are one of the most popular choices for many homeowners with kids and pets. 

To get the best laminates with anti-scratch properties, you can think of reaching out to the best laminate brand in India – Royale Touche and getting ready to have long-lasting, beautiful interior home decor.