Bathroom Floor 2 Leaks? Here’s How To Overcome It

When the bathroom on the 2nd floor is leaking it could be a day when you will be very inconvenient. Besides being difficult to fix, seepage that pollutes the space below is also very disturbing.

In this article, the minimizer will review how to deal with the second-floor bathroom leaking effectively and efficiently.

Bathroom Floor 2 Leaks and the Best Solution

Although it seems that dealing with floor leaks is easy but it will usually be different if the floor of the leaked room is on the 2nd floor. Because, the potential problems caused by these leaks are more likely to be more extensive.

Some important rooms and items downstairs could be affected if this is not handled immediately.

In general, there are several ways to prevent bathroom water seepage from either upstairs or below. Namely, by implementing the steps as below:


When you first build the 2nd floor bathroom. Before the ceramic installation process, let the floor be cleaned first.

Flush the floor with a mixture of cement water to close the pores on the concrete surface. Make sure the cement water mixture with the thickness.

If the concrete floor conditions indicate damp, you can do the coating with a leak-proof base material such as silica cement or silica grouting. After the layer dries, then add the last layer using the bathroom floor waterproofing material.

Do a leak test by closing all the drain plan holes and the toilet hole.

Next flow the water until it stagnates with a height of about 5 cm. Leave the puddle for 2 to 3 days, so that you can check the appearance of the concrete floor underneath.

Make sure there is no trace of water or signs of seepage down.

Solution if there is already a leak

Unloading the floor tiles in the bathroom above (whatever type of tile). If there are plans to reinstall it, the disassembly needs to be done carefully.

Clean the floor until the concrete is completely clean . This is intended to ensure that the concrete surface is sterile. That way the leak-proof coating can adhere perfectly.

If the concrete is cracked, do the filling and injection with Grouting to improve the structure. But if a crack does not occur, then you can proceed to the next step below.