Does a Tankless Water Heater Save Electricity?

The Department of Energy estimates that the average American household spends $2,000.60 annually on energy bills. Heating water accounts for 13%. Heating water costs about $268 per year for hot showers and dishwashers, washing machines, mop buckets, good hand scrubbings, and washing machines.

Are Tankless Water Heaters the Key to Savings?

Tankless water heaters have been popular for traditional storage heaters over the past decade. They heat water quickly, whenever you need it. If no one uses it, there’s no need to heat water in a 30-80-gallon tank.

Many homeowners believe switching to a tankless heater will help them save money. Some families might save some money over the long term, but it is only for some.

Tankless Water Heaters Heat Water More Efficiently

One thing is sure: tankless water heaters are more efficient than storage heaters. This assumes that we are comparing electric to electric and gas to gas with the same daily usage.

According to the Department of Energy, demand water heaters are 24%-34% more efficient than traditional storage tank heaters for homes that use less hot water (41 gallons) daily. They can save 8%-14% on homes that use a lot, around 86 gallons per day.

This efficiency can result in an average of $108 annual savings on gas-fired water heaters and $44 annually savings on electric water heaters.

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