How to Install Marble Tiles

Additionally, slicing marble tiles can prove difficult if you lack expertise. If you need your home’s kitchen, lobby and bogs to reflect your elegant style, marble flooring offer a perfect answer. The refined veining and distinctive shine make marble extremely desirable in both older houses and new building. Understanding the cost of marble flooring installation helps you intend your challenge with a sensible finances in mind.

marble tile installation

Marble flooring isn’t always shiny—nor should it be.

Always install marble tiles on a straight, even floor to keep away from breaking the tiles. If you’re eradicating vinyl tile previous to marble tile installation, have it examined for asbestos first. Ripping up vinyl tile can release asbestos fibers into the air, which is a well being hazard.

Some homeowners attempt to put in marble tiles themselves, but they usually face obstacles in the course of. For one factor, the gentle nature of marble tile makes it extraordinarily fragile. If you break tiles throughout installation, you will incur more prices.

marble tile installation

  • Measure and pop a chalk line the space of two tiles (probably 24 inches) from one of many partitions.
  • Cost to put in marble or porcelain tile flooring varies tremendously by area (and even by zip code).
  • If you like the look of engraved marble floors, you can scale back the price by purchasing just some engraved tiles to create a border or mosaic on a part of the ground.
  • Slipping hazards are pretty common with Marble, so we advocate having area rugs with good rubber matting underneath to maintain good footing.

Draw out your tile sample, similar to straight rows or a pyramid-like forty five degree angle, on a bit of paper with a pencil. Write down the measurements of the tile dimensions on the sample to help you visualize how you will install the marble tile. Put on gloves, eye protection and face masks to protect yourself as you’re employed. If you’ll install marble tile on a flooring that’s already tiled, take away the tiles and get rid of them. Ceramic tiles could be smashed apart with a hammer and eliminated and vinyl tile may be ripped up with a pry bar.

If they do contain asbestos, have an expert service take away the tiles and adhesive for you. Spread the fast-setting thin-set marble mortar onto the center of the ground between the tile sample chalk lines with a notched trowel. Use the facet of the trowel to comb grooves into the mortar so that it evenly spreads on the again of the tile. Install the marble tile within 10 minutes of placing the fast-setting skinny-set mortar. Figure out the format of the tile in your floor based on its dimensions and try to match the tiles so that most are full-sized and the border tile is 2 inches wide or larger.

marble tile installation

One has to possess the proper instruments and go concerning the course of carefully. Marble is porous and could easily take in shade from the grout, so it’s necessary to seal the stone earlier than you grout — even when you’re utilizing white grout. Just rub the tile’s floor with a gentle cotton rag that is damp with stone sealer.