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Improve Your Home in Just a Few Days with These 32 Weekend Projects

A contractor can help you decide the best siding for your home, taking into account the look you want, the style of your home, your budget and the best materials to stand up against weather year-around. During the winter, snow, wind and sleet hammer against your home. If your siding isn’t House & Home Improvement in good condition, winter moisture could have penetrated the exterior of the home and caused rot. Sometimes, snow builds up against the house surrounding the exterior with too much moisture. Just like your home’s gutters, the sooner you make a necessary roof repair, the better.

  • Dimmer switches quickly give your dining room the atmosphere of a swank restaurant.
  • Depending on the age of your property, there are probably some home improvement projects that can be done to bring it up-to-date in terms of residential building codes.
  • You will need to prove you can afford the bigger mortgage and will need sufficient spare equity in the property to raise capital.
  • “Over the years, we have refinanced twice and done a number of improvements,” says Todd, president and co-owner of Isaiah Industries Inc., a manufacturer of permanent roofing solutions.
  • These lights can be set to various intensity levels; the dimmer the light the less electricity it consumes.

Then, create an outline of everything you want to accomplish, and get quotes from multiple contractors for the cost and timeline. You don’t have to go with the cheapest option; go with the one that is most reputable. Before you go too far down the path to starting the project, make a plan for what you’re going to do during the renovation. Will you be able to live there during the construction, or do your plans call for gutting the home? If you need to relocate for part of the project, it’s important to figure out how to minimize those short-term living costs. Different renovations can have varying degrees of impact on your home’s value.

Cleaning out your vents can also help you cut down on allergies and dust getting around so don’t forget those. You can keep track of when to change your water filters as well. Think about adding crown molding to the home for additional charm. No matter what you’re aiming for, home improvement is a valuable way to invest back into your space. More people than ever are wanting to start a vegetable garden at home and grow their own vegies.

You’ve probably grown blind to the stains—and we hope not a stench—on your carpet. About 69 percent of Realtors also recommended a minor hardwood refinish. But, that’ll cost about $1,000 more than a standard carpet steam. In a new report, Realtors list where to spend and save when staging your home to sell. Homeowners wanting to socialize in a safe space have asked her to create an outside living room complete with technological amenities such as an audio/sound system and large-screen televisions or projectors. The number of home improvement projects in the country has risen dramatically during the pandemic.

Innovative Products

Another offshoot of the pandemic was an increasing interest in how we use our gardens. Without the ability to venture out and even celebrate our birthdays outdoors, homeowners have had to focus on making their gardens into fun, multi-purpose spaces. DIY expert Chip Wade shares some home improvement products that can save homeowners time and money amid supply chain issues and inflation. The team at This Old House have a very entertaining set of videos that cover pretty much all aspects of home renovation and home improvements.

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If your home’s siding looks run-down, or if you need to replace it because the brand you have has been in the news because of durability or mold problems, you’re facing a decent ROI. New fiber-cement or vinyl siding recoups about 68%-69% of its cost at resale. Granite countertops often fetch a higher asking price, says Baum. On average, granite countertops cost about $3,250, with granite tiles (at $5 to $15 per square foot) another option. Front porches have come back in vogue since the pandemic began, with rocking chairs or other cozy seating offering a safe way to visit with neighbors or have a quiet cup of coffee.