Sick And Tired Of Doing HOME IMPROVEMENT The Old Way? Read This


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, the mere thought of organizing your entire home from scratch seems daunting and tiring. Most people don’t have time for that with their busy schedules. That’s why you need to break down your organizing efforts into small manageable tasks. Let’s check out a few tips for a more organized home.  

Tips & Tricks

1. Take inventory – While regular homeowners refer to it as taking inventory, professional organizers call it ‘editing’. It is a process where you determine the items you need to toss away, keep or donate. After you’re done taking inventory of the items in your home and sorting them out in ‘donate’, and ‘toss away’ boxes, you’re left with only the things you love and those that serve a practical purpose.

There are a few key metrics to help with that task and you need to figure out what works for you. For instance, most professional organizers don’t recommend keeping garments that haven’t been worn in 12 months and recommend throwing away kitchen or bathroom items that have expired.

2. Sort out and organize items by similarity – Putting similar things together can make a huge difference in the way you organize your space. Begin by pulling out everything that belongs to the same category and then work your way through it. This doesn’t mean that you shove all the same clothes, even heavy coats, in the same room.

Instead, it means you need to put all the coats in one place and begin organizing from there. Have jeans in one corner, shorts in another, and ties in their own little bundle. This helps visualize the items you have and makes the sorting process easier.

3. Start labeling – Once you have sorted everything and assigned them to a place in the closet, cabinet, or some other space, you need to start labeling. It’s the finishing touch to your masterpiece, labels don’t just complete the look of a space but also inform everyone in your household where things should be. That way, you don’t have to worry about the coffee bug ending up with regular crockery.

4. Use the one-in-one-out rule – Shopping can be a fun experience. However, fast fashion, pop culture, and modern marketing have made it an addictive experience that you return to for small hits of dopamine. It ends up polluting the environment and overfilling your home with crap you don’t need.

If that sounds remotely familiar to your experience, you can use the one-in and one-out rule to mitigate this habit and keep your home more organized. If you get an amazing new piece of clothing, donate one that you haven’t worn in a long time. The same holds for gadgets, equipment, and more.    


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests that you use the above-mentioned tips for keeping your home more organized. Tackle every challenge at a time instead of trying to fix everything all at once. It may take time, but you’ll end up with a less cluttered and more organized home over time.