Terrace Minimalist House Natural Stone Refreshing and High Aesthetics

Natural stone minimalist house terrace is one important part of a dwelling. The existence of the terrace is often used as an initial assessment of residents of the house. A terrace that is always clean and well-maintained shows that the occupants of the house are diligent and like cleanliness. Conversely, if a porch has dirty and unkempt conditions, then this indicates that the house owner is dirty and lazy.

The existence of a terrace located at the forefront of a house, you can use as a sweetener the exterior appearance of the house. You can design a terrace with a beautiful and luxurious shape so that your minimalist home feels more luxurious. Or, the classic design that you want to apply to the patio area, this will further amaze the eyes of the viewer.

Terrace Minimalist House 1 Floor

You can design your own cool minimalist terrace model. However, if you have difficulty making it, you can search for references via the internet, property magazines, or consult with a home designer that you trust. The hope is that the porch owned can make a good and attractive representation for its residents. People who visit can feel more comfortable when in it.

The function of the terrace is not merely to be a place for first-time guests and relatives to visit. But also as a protective area for windows and doors so as not to be exposed to heat and rainwater which can directly cause damage. The terrace is also usually functioned as a place to relax family members or children’s playground.

For those of you who have a 1-story house, a minimalist 1-story terrace will look simple and elegant if arranged properly. There are many elements that you can use as a medium to beautify the appearance of the terrace.


The selection of furniture for the patio area you need to pay close attention to. You can adjust the design and model with the concept of the house you want to display. For the concept of a minimalist terrace, you can try it using furniture made of wood that has a size that is not too large, so that the terrace area does not seem narrow. Add a unique patterned cushion as an added convenience for anyone in the patio area.


The next element to produce the minimalist terrace of your dream home is the type of floor. Make sure you choose the type of floor that matches the exterior characteristics of your home. You can use natural stone shades to get a natural and beautiful impression. But, if you want to get a modern and classic impression, you can use a wood type floor with modified various designs and models.

Decorative plants

You can put ornamental plants on the porch of the house for example plants Lavender, Peace Lily, Begonia, Petunia, Orchid, Chrysanthemum, and others. These plants can be placed in pots or can also be hung if your terrace does not have enough space for some plants in pots. Do not forget to water the plants in the morning and evening to always grow and develop.

Porch Lights

The next element that you can add to the porch is the presence of porch lights. Patio lights will produce a dramatic impression due to good lighting effects. You can choose the type of porch lights with models that stick to the wall or hang on the roof. It’s just that the warm effect on the lights will be felt at night.